Oatman Annual Sidewalk Egg Fry

by Evan Fuchs on June 30, 2009


photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lori_greig/ / CC BY-ND 2.0

When I say “Fourth of July”, what comes to mind? Fireworks? Picnics? Star Spangled Banner?

To that I say you’ve never visited Oatman at high noon on Independence Day. At least not in the last 20 years or so.

You see, mid-summer Oatman is so hot you actually can fry an egg!

That’s right, folks. This Saturday, July 4th, Oatman, Arizona  will host its annual Egg Fry contest. The premise is simple.

For the uninitiated, Oatman is small mining town along Route 66, not far from Bullhead City. A visit to Oatman is like traveling back to the old west. A town where (real) burros  and (fake) gunfighters roam the streets.

And yes, once a year people gather to see who can cook up the “most edible” egg . On the side walk.

From the Oatman Chamber of Commerce website:

One of the Ghostrider Gunfighters shoots off a round and the fryers have 15 minutes to make the most edible fried egg. We provide two official eggs and a piece of foil. We tried cooking right on the sidewalk at first but the eggs cook right into the sidewalk and are hard to clean up. The fryers can use any type of solar heat. Mirrors, magnifying glasses etc. The are several Egg Fry categories with medals and prizes.

This is a free, one of a kind event. So, why not come out and – as the Chamber of Commerce website says – “join the eggcitement?”

Check out Oatman’s wikipedia page for more on the history of Oatman.

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